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S6S Group is a provider of business engagement events and wanted to update their existing website to be more modern.

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S6S Group had a lot of rich content but it was often difficult to find due to poor site structure. The user journey was extremely confusing and finding relevant content was difficult. This resulted in a high bounce rate. 

Statistics showed visitors to S6S Group's website mostly browsed on smartphones. However, the website was not mobile friendly with some content often appearing outside of its container. This required users to scroll in multiple directions to access content.

Developing a responsive site with a better, more logical structure was extremely important. 

We started the project by meeting key stakeholders to understand the needs of the business, the problems experienced with the current site and to plan the best way forward.

We identified various personas that would likely use the site and undertook wireframing sessions to ensure the structure of the site was planned before development started. Identifying personas, and having a logical structure, improves the user journeys and the speed at which users find content relevant to them. 

The new site is currently in development and due to launch soon. 

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Web Hosting Wire-Framing Custom CMS Responsive Web Design

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